Many people, especially women, want to

Many people, especially women, want to

Dr. David Amron: Inner Thighs Area Specific Liposuction

Many people, especially women, want to have thinner legs. For women, this is a natural fat storage area, and it is common for some to have excessive fat on the thighs. This fat can be surgically removed during liposuction. Inner thigh fat must be removed carefully and can involve removing fat from the inner knee at the same time. When done carefully, the results can be smooth and attractive.

For many years, the leg was considered to be a symbol of feminine beauty. Even today, women feel pressure to have perfectly-shaped legs.

What is a perfectly-shaped leg, though? The female body is naturally fatty and its fat is partly what gives it the characteristic curves. The same is true for the legs.

Legs that look soft and feminine have a layer of fat, and that''s why care must be taken to leave some fat on the legs during liposuction.

Many women want to have too much fat removed from their legs. They may not understand that without the layer of fat, their legs would look masculine.

Everyone''s body is different, and some women put on more weight in the thighs than others do. Some store this fat on the outside of the thighs, and others do so on the inner thigh.

For those who want to have fat removed from the inner thigh, liposuction is a good but slightly tricky option.

Because it is done so often, liposuction of the inner thigh has a high success rate. It is also often successful because of the nature of the fat.

Inner thigh fat high on the leg is very soft and almost jelly-like. Compared to the more fibrous fat of some other areas of the body, this fat is broken easily.

The fact that it''s easy to break these fat cells can also be risky. Sometimes surgeons can get carried away and move too quickly. The result can be either too much fat removal overall or small areas of excessive fat removal.

If too much fat is removed from some small areas of the thigh, the results are unattractive. The texture of the skin can be bumpy or have patches that are loose and drooping.

Also, most women have a band of fat that runs down from the top of the inner thigh to the inner knee. Removing fat from only the thigh and leaving the knee fat intact can also have unattractive results.

Some surgeons prefer to remove fat evenly from this entire band.

When done properly and with a small cannula (the tube used to suck out the fat), inner thigh liposuction can be a success. This area of the leg is left smoother and thinner.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Liposuction Thighs - My wife is considering having liposuction on her thighs, what are the risks?
    Can anyone tell me what the procedure is and what risks are there if any. Are there any less intrusive methods than the liposuction on the thighs procedure?

    • ANSWER:
      After having liposuction on my thighs, I can honestly say, it is fantastic, apart from giving me more confidence and being able to wear clothes that fit, the procedure held no pain, just a little discomfort, and it only took a couple of hours to perform.

    How fat do you have to be to get a liposuction on your thighs?
    I''m 20 years old and would like to get rid of some extra fat on my thighs to get skinnier legs. I weigh 55 kg, 168cm tall and wear UK size 8/10 but this thing just bugs me cause no matter how much i diet i my thigh area is the hardest part to get rid of fat. i want slimmer legs and i''ve come to realize my only chance of that is through surgery.

    • ANSWER:
      Don''t do lipo. Once it''s gone from your thighs, any fat you put on in the future may show up somplace your knees! Do you want that? Do the work necessary to properly remove the cottage cheese. I know many do not want to hear this- but it''s the God-awful truth. Remember, the longer you take to lose the weight- the more you will be determined to keep it off. Everything happens for a reason. You can have it come offf quickly- only to forever struggle with it coming back over and over again. Or, you can do it the long way- and be done with it forever!

    Anybody had liposuction to the thighs?
    I have had the consultation with the doctor but wanted to hear from someone who''s had the surgery,
    what was the pain like after?
    How soon does the swelling start to go down?
    Are the compression garments easy to get on and off?
    Is there a lot of seepage after?
    Do those saddle bags disappear immediately?

    • ANSWER:
      I didn''t have it, but know of two people who did. One of them was unhappy and had it redone due to the distribution of the fat that remained which she considered unsightly. Kathy Griffin has written her autobiography and put up pictures of herself before and immediately after surgery unretouched. Consider this major surgery. There will need to be someone to meet the patient''s home needs, and drive them back to have the stitches removed. It is uncomfortable. The change will show when the swelling comes down. As far as particulars, the doctor''s office should provide information. All surgeries, required or discretionary have risks. See if you can look at her book at the bookstore, just to see the photos.

    i want to get liposuction on my thighs, is this surgery successful?
    im pretty thin but all my fat seems to be on my thighs, would i benefit from this surgery and does it really hurt after?

    • ANSWER:
      Liposuction is very dangerous and you can see further details in a web search for "liposuction dangers".

    Had liposuction on thighs and knees 9 days ago.?
    Nine day ago I had liposuction on inner and outer thighs and my knees.
    It has been very sore and have had to wear a compression garment from tummy to ankle.
    What is worrying me sick is the swelling has doubled my leg size all the way down. The knee and thighs are so blown up they look like one unit. The ankles are very swollen as well. Am shuffling my feet when I try to walk. I am taking painkillers prescribed by Doctor but legs too stiff and swollen and sore to walk on. This is worrying me as I did not realise it would be this severe and so long.Am taking Arnica.Worried sick. Is this normal after lipo surgery. Can any one help me please as I am so worried.

    • ANSWER:
      Call a doctor/the surgeon and ask. I''m sure some swelling and pain would be normal, but you seem to be in alot of pain. Definately ask a professional if you are worried.

      I''m sure you''ll be fine