June  2015  Chronic Pain

June 2015 Chronic Pain

Have you ever thought about that? Do you have one?  Do you ever feel like you have a need to make a difference? Maybe you have a passion for helping animals or feel the calling to assist moms in crisis or foster children. The list is endless, but gives you a purpose. Furthermore, extending yourself toward a cause enriches your life as well as the world around you. Now just imagine more people did this, how we would bring about enrichment. Then think about this if you will. Suppose someone had two or three projects that tied together to help others, to bring change for families and friends. What if you came up with a way to help your friends and family become healthier and happier. How would you feel? You have the power to make a difference just like I am. It starts from within. Think about it. Best, Ines


Make a difference in your life and someone elses life. Its a choice you will never regret !!!

I was happy to share the IDLife at my home this weekend with friends and neighbors. We discussed, what is the value of our health? Some answers were; we need it to  be healthy to feel well, perform, take care of my children, go to work, prevent sickness and to be able to take care of what needs to be done on a daily basis. Overwhelmingly, the term money and expenses came up. Everyone agreed that when we do not have our health everything else breaks down little by little; we cant do like we used to, our focus, work piles up, stress increases, expenses inevitably increase and we go to the doctor and the pharmacy more often. Medication wears the body down too. We can help ourselves with IDNutrition though with less money than most of us typically spend. Maybe you would enjoy helping your family and friends be healthier with personalized, customized nutritional supplements and save even more money for a limited time. I am helping the American people, one person at a time. Together, you and I, can make a huge difference. Take your free health assessment today to get started. Ill be happy to help. Message me on Face Book is easiest, Inesahatch. Best, Ines

Magnesium is necessary for cardiovascular health. It is crucial to over 300 biochemical processes in your body, according to Cardiologist Dr Crandall. Fifty percent of older adults dont get the required amount of magnesium. At middle-age our gut begins to absorb less Magnesium on top of not consuming enough of the vital nutrient. Magnesium supports overall cardiovascular health, blood pressure, insulin levels and helps regulate nerve and muscle function. Indications are that 16 cups of broccoli or 12 bananas are required to get our recommended 400 milligrams of Magnesium.  Why not find out exactly how much you need not to mention everything else your body needs based on factors like your specific conditions, medications, allergies, lifestyle and much more. Find out studies behind and answers to specific questions about your customized vitamins   right on your computer. And theyre shipped right to you. Know exactly what you need, when to take it and no need to run out because it is available on autoship, first month on a trial babis, 10% discount too. Strat with your free Health Assessment: www.myhealthmotivator.idlife.com  Best, Ines

News from an IDLifer. WOW and double WOW!!  This is from my report from my recent Dexascan! Just another reason why IDNutrition is in my life every day! I said yesterday that having my acid reflux gone after 2 weeks of taking my own designed supplements was HUGE! Well this is just as HUGE or even better! Having an improvement in my bone density like this is just unheard of for me! As you can see I already have Osteopenia! So to have an improvement of a 7.3% increase in my bone density with taking Femara for Breast Cancer it is known to break down bone density. I am ecstatic about this! Come find out more at my home tomorrow night at 7pm to see how IDLIFE can help you and the people you care about!  Best, Ines

As most of you know, I am an orthopedic trainer by profession and have been taking  IDNutrition for a month now. Almost immediately my son (14), daughter (17) and myself, saw signs of improvement in health, stamina and focus. This makes sense, when the body is balanced with the correct vitamins, based on conditions, medication, allergies, lifestyle, etc. it functions the way it is supposed to, at any age. My children are happier. What else could a mother ask for, right? My friends and my clients are thanking me for introducing them to customized nutrition, the way towards preventing sickness. I love to hear things like:  My recovery from surgery is going quicker that expected, my stretch marks have diminished, the redness in my scares is gone, my focus is back, no more headaches, my focus is back, I feel great, my skin feels softer, I have more energy. Goodness, I could go on and on with what I here from people who are so appreciative. I am so happy to have the opportunity to help all of you be fit from the inside out. Wouldnt you agree that in order to live a healthy life we need to take care of inside first. You are what you consume at any age! Doctor testimonials are on my previous blogs.  Go ahead and take your free health assessment. Let me know if you have questions or need help. Best, Ines

Strength, courage, determination, perseverance and never give up are qualities of a Hero. We are proud to help this soldier and many more with health and recovery. I urge you to read his story on my FB page: Inesahatch.

If you would like to  be informed on what you can do to help your body be balanced, improve health, look and feel better, take your free health assessment today. www.myhealthmotivator.idlife.com  Best, Ines

For doctor testimonials etc. view my previous posts.  Only the Best! Ines

Try For A Month I have lost my love handles

I have heard from many of you that you are trying to lose weight.  When our body is in homeostasis, we lose weight naturally, not to mention we feel better and better everyday.  I am shedding my love handles, more energy, husband appreciates. Contact me and I will walk you through the Free health assessment. Looking out for you. Best, Ines

P.S.  Remember your customized vitamins are based on your conditions, medications, allergies, lifestyle and more. 17 yrs of research behind IDLife, everything is explained on your health assessment: studies and why including why what is recommended. Health starts from within our body dont you agree? A plant is as healthy as the soil that surrounds it.

Yes, I am an author. Check out my book on Smashwords below. Please pass it on to aid others who need inspiration Its a circle folks. I  live it. Help me help others.  stimulus to positivity, health and fitness.  Thanks Bunches!!

Amazing stories!! ( 20800+ followers). Check out the IDLife Group on my FB page, scroll down left side. Testimonials of all kinds, 2,784 members strong, including our wounded warriors. FB:  Inesahatch

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