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Medical Negligence Law Absolute health

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Medical negligence is the omission or intention action in the treatment process of a patient that deviates from the required medical standards care and professional ethics. The medical standards care and legislated professional ethics are core benchmarks in initiating a lawsuit for medical negligence. The assessment of the prevailed situation in relation to the doctor’s conduct and omissions that results in a patient’s the injury forms the basis for informed argument in such a law suit.

The medical standards of care are the legally binding and mandatory requirements that doctors must adhere to while treating their patients in any given situation. They are obligated to take an oath for and any deviation from them is termed as a medical neglect. The medical neglegence law is strictly against the following medical malpractise:

Misdiagnosis: A patient is given drugs or treatment for a disease he or she doesn’t have. Failure to analyse a patient’s symptoms often results to misdiagnosis. When a patient is given wrong treatment or medication, his or her life becomes endangered.

Surgical error: This results when a doctor wrongly cuts part of the internal organ resulting in malfunctioning of the system, for example it may result in urine entering the gut. Or surgery may be directed to a wrong organ, for example instead of operating the leg, he operates the arm.

Anesthesia error: It may be an overdose resulting in heart or organ failures. In addition it may be untimely treatment of an already diagnosed condition and failure for doctor to follow up a given patient’s case resulting in the patient’s more injury are all cases of medical neglect. All the situations are assessed on a case to case basis putting into consideration the doctor’s condition at the time of occurrence.

In all the above cases the medical negligence law documents the penalties to be initiated to the perpetrators and the necessary compensation packages that will be evaluated by the jury on case to case basis. The law exists in all countries as the World Health Organisation (WHO) requirements. This has empowered many patients to seek justice whenever neglect occurs. The lawyers too have a legal basis to present a case, which makes their work easier as they help medical neglect victims. The doctors too are protected by the law as they will strive to sustain the medical standard care in their profession.

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