Do you have some wrong health concepts?

Do you have some wrong health concepts?

Mass exercise can keep body health

It is no doubt that exercise is good for modeling a strong and healthy body, enhancing our ability of resistance to disease and increasing the flexibility of the brain. However, there is a limit for human to do exercise. Once exceed the limit, it will do bad for human’s body instead of beneficial.

In our daily life, some people always feel that after strenuous exercise, not only the reacts of body get slower but also will the brain have a short moment of blank. These are the consequences of the institution acting of the protective restrain of body itself. If undergo long-term excessive exercise, the functional sensibility of body’s protective mechanism will decrease and the functionality of our brain will get impaired. The symptoms of the phenomenon are inattention, sleeplessness and bad memory and so on.

Comfortable walk posture is good for muscles and bones

The walking posture that we get used to will make us feel more easy and free. But some unhealthy walking postures like lowing one’s head, bowing and out-toe gait are not only ugly but also it will affect the health of the brain. Walking with your head up is beneficial for the blood back flow between the brain and the whole body and thus to rest our brain. When walking, man’s meridians of the whole body are all active in the same time. But the postures of bending chest and bowing will cause the result that these meridians can’t get enough diastole thus the body can’t get enough oxygen it deserves. What’s more, unhealthy walking postures will cause spinal problems and they also will reflect back to the brain and make our brain in the state of intention.

The correct walking posture is keep your eyes look ahead horizontally, your head up slightly, your neck integer, your breast stand naturally and your waist straight and upright. In addition, you should tighten your lower abdomen and keep your buttocks perk backward and the point of your walking strength should be laid in the inside of metatarsophalangeal joints.

Nowadays, the height of human is taller and taller and the main reason is attributed to the improvement of nutritional conditions and living environment.

But if the situation gets no change continuously, it will become the public hazards of social one day. If our figure is too big, we consume more energy and more badly it will aggravate the burden on heart. In addition, our ability to resist disease will get reduced, our adjusting function bad and our lifetime shorter. Many survey materials prove that the lifetime of short person is longer than tall person.